What is the new schedule and when will it start? Beginning Sunday, March 5, we’ll have one worship service at 9 AM and Sunday School at 10:30 AM. 

Why are we changing the schedule? Many in our church have expressed a desire to have one worship service as a way to strengthen our unity. The fresh vision for our church is that we be relational, engaged, and sending. This new schedule can be the start of our church growing stronger in our relationships.

Why are we having worship first? Since we began our current Sunday morning schedule of worship at 9 and 11, we’ve seen a consistent pattern of more people attending the 9 AM service.

Why have Sunday School start at 10:30?   The 9 AM service often ends with a feeling that we’ve not given God every opportunity He wants with us, particularly at the end of the service when people are very likely to make decisions for Christ. The new schedule will give us more time in worship together. We also want to encourage our entire church to connect between worship and Sunday School. We’ll have doughnuts, juice and coffee in the Fellowship Hall and the Christian Life Center. Our current schedule has not allowed for this more relaxed fellowship, and we all miss it.

What will the one worship service “look” like? Look for a worship experience designed to encourage as many people as possible from across the generations of our church and our community to connect with God and with each other. We also plan to have more opportunities for children and youth to be an active part of the service.

What should we do until the new schedule starts? Pray that our church please the Lord in everything. Ask Him to strengthen our relationships, especially between generations. Seek His grace for our church to share Jesus with our community, and not just on Sunday mornings. And invite friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers to join you here on Sunday, March 5, 9 AM!