"Our Church His Glory" Capital Campaign

The Need

  • To updae and upgrade our building so that we can more effectively reach people for Christ and strengthen our fellowship.

The Project

  • Phase 1: 
    • Back Entrance including a new pavilion
    • Renovation of 2 restrooms at back foyer
    • Renovation of 2 restrooms outside of the Fellowship Hall
    • Security upgrade to Preschool Hallway
  • Phase 2:
    • Renovation of the Fellowship Hall
    • Renovation of the Fellowship Hall Sunday School Rooms
    • Renovation of the Prayer Room, Back Foyer, and Choir Room

The Cost

  • Phase 1: $357,000.00
  • Phase 2: $148,000.00
  • Total Cost = $505,000.00
  • Funds currently available through budget giving and GORA accounts = $200,500.00
  • Total to Raise: $304,500.00


Our Church His Glory Capital Campaign Update

Given as of August 6, 2017: $102,060.88

Ultimate Goal: $304,500.00


Reminder: you can use your budget envelopes for campaign gifts; note the line on the outside of the envelope for designations to “Our Church His Glory” Capital Campaign.