What is Room at the Inn?

Room at the Inn seeks to reach out to struggling and unchurched families. Our goal is to ease some of their burdens, but more importantly, build relationships that welcome these families into our church and share with them the love of Christ.

Christmas is a joyful time for most. But families struggling financially – especially those with kids – are burdened with extra stress during the holidays. Heating bills go up, and children long for gifts Christmas morning.

Families are invited to a Christmas Brunch. While the kids are entertained with crafts and games, parents are taken on a shopping spree for household cleaning/hygiene items (which cannot be purchased with food stamps). They are also able to shop for Christmas gifts to give to their children. They come hungry and leave full of food, supplies, gifts and love.

Last year Room at the Inn hosted 19 families which included 50 children. Over 100 church members participated with the event. We fellowshipped with these families, prayed with them, wrapped their gifts and helped carry their things to their vehicles. It was truly amazing This year, Room at the Inn expects to increase by 20 families.

IT'S CHRISTMAS IN SEPTEMBER and we are collecting household staple items, monetary gifts and end the month with a Celebration Potluck Fellowship. You will be hearing much more about Room at the Inn throughout September and will be offered many opportunities to participate and serve in this truly heartwarming event.

Here is a list of items we are collecting.

There are baskets in the rear foyer and the CLC foyers for donations.


Toilet Paper

Dish Detergent

Laundry Detergent/Dryer Sheets

Paper Towels



Bar Soap/Body Wash

Cleaning Supplies

Disinfecting Wipes & Cleaner





Hand/Body Lotion

Hair Brush/Comb

Hand Sanitizer

Band Aids