FaithWeaver Friends

Preschool Age

6:00 pm

Located on the 1st Floor


Faithweaver Friends is led by Libbi Cox, Miriah Cox ,and Kym Stein who are experienced at laying foundational truths in young hearts. Our preschool kids learn foundational truths about God, Jesus and the Bible. Engaging kids with crafts, games, and lessons that all contribute to laying important Biblical groundwork for preschoolers.

Catapult Into God's Word

Grades 1-5


Located on the 3rd floor


Catapult is a time for kids to experience Worship, Mission Education, and Biblical Application. From interacting with missionaries via email to engaging in local mission opportunities, kids learn hands on the importance of global missions as well as local missions. Each Bible study focuses on applying Biblical truth to our lives and what that looks like through the lens of the Gospel. Catapult propels children further into the Gospel and provides an environment for kids to know Christ for the first time and continue to grow in Him.



Grades 6-12


Located on the 2nd foor over the Christian Life Center

Collide is  a mid-week worship experience for students in grades 6 - 12. During Collide, students experience combined worship, engaging Bible study, and age-appropriate small groups. No matter where students are spiritually, they will have the opportunity to grow and deepen their relationships with Christ and others.