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Weekly Calendar

Sunday, September 23
9:00AM Worship
10:30AM Sunday School
6:00PM Worship
6:00PM Aftershock Cookout

Monday,  September 24
9:30AM Young at Heart Trip
6:00PM CLC Fitness: Yoga
6:30PM CLC Fitness: Dance Cardio

Tuesday, September 25
5-7:00PM CLC Open Gym

Wednesday, September 26
11:30AM CLC Fitness: YAH Stretch Class
6:00PM Mission Friends (Preschool/1st Floor)
6:00PM Catapult (1-5 grade/3rd Floor)
6:00PM Collide (6-12 grade/Youth Area, 2nd Floor)
6:00PM Adult Bible Study - 2nd Floor
6:00PM Prayer Meeting - Fellowship Hall
7:00PM Choir Rehearsal - Choir Room

Thursday, September 27
10:00AM Women's Bible Study: Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven
5-7:00PM CLC Open Gym