The Torch is a church-wide project to get small groups engaging in our community serving together. The Torch will travel to a new class each month and will be a visual reminder that we are called to be “the light of the world.”


Each class will serve together and may pair with another class.


Each class will be asked to pick a month when they will serve in a way that represents their unique passions and gifts.



Here are some ideas your group can use to engage our community with the gospel. Other ideas are welcome, as we strive to be the people of God, sharing God’s love, because God’s love changes the world!


  • Help a senior adult with household or yard work.
  • Read to kids at CCDC or local schools.
  • Partner with Green River Ministries.
  • Do a food drive
  • Adopt a class to - Write notes, visit (with permission), provide for a class party.
  • Adopt a sports team.
  • Partner with School Resource Centers.
  • Pay for people to do their laundry at a local laundromat.
  • Minister at the Amazon camp ground.
  • Lead a worship/Bible study experience at Green River State Park Camp Ground.
  • Prayer walk and minister to people in different areas of Taylor County.
  • Provide childcare for a young couple to be able to have a date night.
  • Help a single parent.
  • Pay for meals at a local restaurant, or merchandise at a store.
  • Adopt international students over long breaks from the university.


For more information, contact the Missions Committee:

Frank Gaskins (Chair), Brad Lauer, Scott Necessary, Tim Woodcox,

Tina Propes, Elijah Coffey, & Charity Powell