part-time worship & creative media assistant

Please submit the following:

  • Resume specific to broadcast video and lighting
  • At least 2 references
  • 5-10 representations of photography
  • 1 video
  • Email in a shareable link to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other comparable cloud storage service to

job description

15-20 hours per week


Principle Function

As a Part-Time Worship Media Assistant, this person is responsible for working with the Worship Pastor each week to plan, implement, and develop visual elements for worship services (both in-person and broadcast) and facilitate the operations of all aspects specifically pertaining to the broadcast and livestream ministries for church related activities.



The Part-Time Worship Media Assistant is under the direct supervision of the Worship Pastor.  In the absence of a Worship Pastor, the Discipleship Pastor will supervise the Part-Time Worship Media Assistant.


Job Qualifications:  

  1. Calling:  The Part-Time Worship Media Assistant must sense a call in media ministry
  2. Educational/Experience Requirements:  A Bachelor’s Degree in broadcast or similar area, or significant experience in the specific area of photography, film, broadcast, and use of editing software.


Spiritual Requirements:

  1. Must demonstrate a mature Christian faith and show a commitment to Scripture, prayer, and sound doctrine in accordance with CBC’s statement of faith
  2. Must adhere to the highest standards of integrity, honesty, transparency and Christian behavior


General Responsibilities:

  1. Work with Worship Pastor to prepare weekly visual elements of corporate worship using Pro Presenter or other comparable visual presentation technology.
  2. Understand and effectively operate photography and videography equipment used within the Media ministry.
  3. Effectively communicate with, train, and schedule volunteers in all components of the Media Ministry, covering radio, television, in-house production, internet rebroadcast, and live-streaming – all with a willingness to develop in an ever-changing and expanding ministry as technology advances.
  4. Work with the Worship Pastor to develop videos FOR worship (sermon bumpers, holiday, special events, etc.) and videos FROM worship (sermon clips for midweek follow-up). 
  5. Work with other ministry assistants to incorporate videos for websites, social media platforms, or other opportunities to showcase various ministries and events of the church.